Square Spa


Square Spa Dimensions:


WIDTH – 8′

DEPTH – 3’7

Square Spa Specifications:

Approximate Volume: 625 Gallons or 2,365 Liters

Water Surface Area: 96 square feet

Perimeter – 32 feet


  • Property visit and consultation
  • 3D design of Dolphin Pools Square Spa integrated into your backyard design




  • Min 96″ backyard access
  • 10% deposit of the project total upon ordering your pool and scheduling your installation
  • Pool Enclosure Permit 


  • Fence removal and reinstallation is available, however it is not included in the cost
  • Site soft scape restoration (any sod, plants or trees in the work area affected by any of the machines used)
  • Electrical breaker upgrade (if breaker is under 200AMP)
  • Landscaping (Coping + Pool Deck)
  • Removal of existing structures (eg. deck, shed, concrete)
  • Permit Fees
  • City Deposit



Dolphin Pools Square Spa

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