A minimalistic modern pool, Delray offers sleek modern steps strategically placed to allow for an unobstructed swimming channel. It also is a flat bottom pool, which are perfect for sports, exercise and the addition of a swim spa.


Delray – Latham Fiberglass Pools

Delray Dimensions:

LENGTH – 25′

WIDTH – 12′



Delray Specifications:

Approximate Volume: 8,100 Gallons or 30,660 Liters

Water Surface Area: 264 square feet

Perimeter: 70 feet

Steps – 20 linear feet

Seats – N/A

Skimmer x 1

Jet Returns x 3

Delray Features:

Flat Bottom Floor – Flat bottom pools are perfect for playing water sports, exercising and are commonly elevated with an addition of a swim spa.

Unobstructed Swimming Channel – Having no obstruction in your pools swimming channel allows for laps and a more generous swimming space.

Slip Resistant Steps – Latham Pools ensure that the entry and exit points for their fiberglass pools are secure. These slip resistant steps are easy on the feet and certainly ensures your safety.


  • Property visit and consultation
  • 3D design of Delray – Latham Fiberglass Pools integrated into your backyard design



  • Min 96″ backyard access
  • 20% deposit of the project total upon scheduling your installation
  • Pool Enclosure Permit 


  • Fence removal and reinstallation is available, however it is not included in the cost
  • Site soft scape restoration (any sod, plants or trees in the work area affected by any of the machines used)
  • Electrical breaker upgrade (if breaker is under 200AMP)
  • Landscaping (Coping + Pool Deck)
  • Removal of existing structures (eg. deck, shed, concrete)
  • Permit Fees
  • City Deposit


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Weight 2315 lbs
Dimensions 300 × 144 × 54 in

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