Kingston has a modern sophisticated design, it features welcoming full length entry steps, a relaxing deep end bench and a generous swimming space.


Kingston – Latham Fiberglass Pools

Kingston Dimensions:

LENGTH – 38′

WIDTH – 16′



Kingston Specifications:

Approximate Volume:17,500 Gallons or 66,245 Liters

Water Surface Area: 555 square feet

Perimeter: 104 square feet

Steps – 60 linear feet

Seats – 15 linear feet

Skimmer x 1

Jet Returns x 3

Kingston Features:

Full Length Steps – Having full length steps make a pool more enticing and welcoming, they also add a more modern touch.

Full Length Bench – Benches add more entertainment space in your pool. They are perfect accompanied by therapy jets for a more relaxing touch.

Multiple Access Points – Having multiple points of entry offer more opportunity for landscaping creativity and therefore provides you with more options when it comes to your pool and patio layout. Multiple entry points also give you the freedom to access your pool wherever you please.

Swim Up Seating – Enjoy your pool, just sit back and relax. Pool seats are perfect for submerging your body in the water while enjoying the sun and resting during swimming sessions. Swimming pool seats transform your pool into an entertainment area.

Slip Resistant Steps – Latham Pools ensure that the entry and exit points for their fiberglass pools are secure. These slip resistant steps are easy on the feet and certainly ensures your safety.


  • Property visit and consultation
  • 3D design of Kingston – Latham Fiberglass Pools integrated into your backyard design



  • Min 96″ backyard access
  • 20% deposit of the project total upon scheduling your installation
  • Pool Enclosure Permit 


  • Fence removal and reinstallation is available, however it is not included in the cost
  • Site soft scape restoration (any sod, plants or trees in the work area affected by any of the machines used)
  • Electrical breaker upgrade (if breaker is under 200AMP)
  • Landscaping (Coping + Pool Deck)
  • Removal of existing structures (eg. deck, shed, concrete)
  • Permit Fees
  • City Deposit


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Weight 3656 lbs
Dimensions 456 × 192 × 70 in

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